Monday, April 7, 2008

Went for Coffee (a work doodle)

haven't posted here in a long time (4 months if you’re keeping track). Well, I haven't just been sitting on my butt that whole time (even though that sounds pretty sweet). I’ve been working on a number of projects, big and small, and I'm still behind on posting all the things that I’ve already completed. I’m working on it, I swear! It took a friend's awesome blog [( It's pretty bad ass and you should check it out; but don't spend too much time there, you have to come back to mine!] to get me to realize that I’d abandoned mine blog for too long, so I will once again make an effort to get going with this whole blog thing again (which probably means I’ll post like five things and then forget about it again… or decide it's too much work and stop, but hey, who knows - maybe I’ll keep it going until I’m actually caught up and posting as projects progress).

This is a doodle of me giving into my addiction and suckling at the sweet sweet teat of mother coffee.

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Disco Vear said...

right-on brothah such a sweet teat!