Friday, April 25, 2008

Christopher Lee Portrait (a James Madison Portrait)

Recently at work I've undertaken a project of drawing all of the presidents for my friends in P.D.G. (Product Development Group). They  just created a render farm and have about 42 computers so I suggested that they used the names of presidents for all of the computers to distinguish them from one another, and they didn't think it was such a bad idea either. They wanted all of the computers to have pictures of the presidents on them, which I thought would be a fun little side project that i didn't have to take seriously, and one they didn't want me to take seriously either, so I've just been having fun with it and here are some of the results.  I started to do portraits of the presidents (I'm sure i will post them all in the future) then i got to our 4th president James Madison and found this portrait.


Looking at this the first thing that popped into my head was the fact that he looked like Christopher Lee. So I thought it would be funny to do James Madison's portrait as Christopher Lee from one of his many horror movies.

I could have done him as Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings, but I thought the beard would confuse things, anyway, I think having the 4th President as a Vampire would be funnier then having him as an evil wizard.

This is my portrait of Christopher Lee;  if you can't tell it's a cheater portrait where I took a picture of Lee and traced it in Illustrator. I'm a tracer. Though it did turn out nicely so I'll forgive myself for my laziness, and you should too! If Chasing Amy taught us anything, it's that it's it's ok to be a tracer... sometimes.

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