Monday, November 29, 2010

Social Gaming Viking 01

I am working on creating some new material for my portfolio in the hopes of getting a job. This is the first in a series of Vikings I am working on that will be done in a Faceb0ok game kind of style.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CC Zombie portrait 01

Capatin Cadaver is a zombie super hero and his world needs to be populated with other zombies here is the first zombie portrait.

Captain Cadaver portrait 01

I am working on a comic book project with my friend Wes and this is a portrait of the main character. I was trying to do something like Dan Hipp, who's style got me really inspired to work on this project again. It has been sitting on my back burner for a while. Mr. Hipp does a technique where he is uses dashed lines for shading, I took that technique and went over board with it and did it with multiple colors. I don't feel like it works. Though I understand why and I hope to make it better next time. There will be more on Captain Cadaver in the near future.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Steph in a Nom Nom bar

The last two weeks in Consensual Tentacle we have been doing a plot line where august is stuck in a video game dream world. I will be doing some more posts about that in the future, I really fell in love with the character WARGUT and I think a more polished Mother Brain pinup is in order. The whole time Laura has been writing this plot line the ending was going to be this image of Steph done like a Mel Ramos painting.
Steph is inside a Nom Nom bar, which we made up.
On her chest there is a Hanya, fu bats holding peaches, the imperial symbol on her arm, and a storm trooper pm her other side. I imagine on the other side she has the rebel symbol and a Chewbaca, kind of Fan boys style with a light and dark side.
A cross her stomach she has the word "GROOVY" from earthworm jim and the army of Darkness.

Monday, November 1, 2010

August Halloween Pumpkin

This Halloween I went to a Pumpkin carving party on Friday at the Favors House and I decided to carve a August into the pumpkin. So I created a template to carve, my goal was to try and not cut holes into the pumpkin but have a thin layer of pumpkin for the light to shine through so I could have thinner lines.
I have never carved a pumpkin like this I usually use a knife and cut holes into the pumpkins and I had only a vague understanding of what I was getting myself into. My ideas was to tape on the template and then poke holes in around the lines so I knew where to cut. That was way too time consuming do I opted to just draw on the pumpkin with a sharpie instead, it was way faster. I took about 3 times as long as every one else to gut and carve my pumpkin. I used all if my old sculpture tools. I knew there was a reason that I kept those things around.
I was pretty happy with it. Though I think I would do something with some cut outs and some thicker lines next year. It was a lot of fun, but getting all the pumpkin skin out of the cracks was hard.
Next year I'll do the whole CT crew, August, Gilda, and Tako.