Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life Goals 1

Chris "Stink Lines" Vear

This is Chris Vear, a good friend of mine who shares the same birthday as I do (the exact same day, same year, similar time) and in many ways is very similar to me. With the exception that he stinks. Seriously dude, take a shower.

Actually Chris doesn't stink (much) - this is an old joke from college that he decided to bring back with my link on his blog being Eric "Stink Lines" Royal, so I decided I would remind him who was the original stink lines. Him, he was!
This was one of my first attempts at adding layers of texture to the piece and Chris was a big help with helping me refine and improve the piece. Thanks dude.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wormwood Fan art

Here is my rendition of Ben Templesmith's character Wormwood from the comic of the same name. I tried to copy how he describes his process which is something that I used to do but not to the degree that he does.

I took a hand inked drawing and scanned it into photo shop where I added layers of color underneath the line drawing and then added shading and highlights where needed.

Here's how far I got.
I like this process I was able to work much faster then I have been lately and finish something that looks nice and similar to my reference point. The only thing that I still need to do that Templesmith does is I need to add layers of texture and a cooler back ground.


The finished result with added textures and textured background.