Monday, April 7, 2008

Laura (My Muse)

I have found my Muse my friends and she appeared in the form of a 5 foot 3 inches raven haired(dyed that way), hazel eyed, tattooed, pierced, nerd girl named Laura. She is quite amazing (if I do say so myself); she’s smart, morbid, funny, interesting, ambitious and she ain’t too hard on the eyes either if you get my drift. Yes, I am bragging - tough titty if your lady isn't as awesome.

Laura and I have been together for about a year now and I have yet to post any thing that I’ve done for her (I was trying to post things in chronological order from when I created them, however, I have recently thrown that completely out the window and declared it a glorious free for all. WEEEE!).

some of the Numberous sketches that i did of laura.

(Me and Laura in a windy sketchy kiss)

This was a surprise drawing that did for Laura while she was away in Scotland studying abroad (longest 3 months of my life, particularly in contrast to the three months beforehand when Laura and I were together - those were some of the quickest and happiest that I can recall). It was a surprise in that she asked me to send her a flash drive and I had put the drawing on there unbeknownst to her. However, the drive was presumed lost, and I had already kept quiet about it for like 2 weeks and for me that was long enough so I simply e-mailed it to her. Later the flash drive was found, and she now uses it to tote the papers she’s always complaining about having to write from home to school.

Here is a drawing I did of Laura being rather fussy in her fuzzy ushanka hat. Inked in Photoshop.

Laura and I now live in Oakland together and are quiet happy.
Expect to see way more pictures of this particular lady, these are just a select few of the sketches I’ve done that feature her.

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