Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skull Face Paint 01

Digital painting I did yesterday that took me about 30 minutes.

I really like skull face paint so I will probably be doing more of these in the future.

Viking and the Bee

I have decided that every week day I will start doing a one hour digital painting. This has a two fold purpose: one I want to post on this blog more, two I want to work on more digital paintings. I feel that the one hour time limit will allow me to get more of them done and teach me to be faster and better.

This one is from a graphic novel that I am working on about vikings making a Monstrous Mead. There will be more about this project in the future but let's just say these vikings don't want any regular honey.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Animation Mentor Go!

I just started Animation Mentor today and will start posting animations up on this blog sooner or later. This week's assignment was to update my profile so people get an idea of who I am. Stay tuned for Animation! Here is a Sketch to tide you over until I start animating.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big and Little in the Desert

Working on an animated short about exploring robots on a desolate planet with my friend Ted. No working title yet.

Concept art.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Monster

On Sunday Laura went to the baby shower for our friends Sarah and Wes. This was the card that accompanied the gift that we got for them (hooded towels, tiny hats, burp know, exciting stuff). On the back of the mini painting I wrote "We look forward to meeting your little monster." Congratulations you two!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bee and Dead

Laura really wanted some cutesy bee art, so I obliged. She came up with the idea and the concept for the piece and I simply executed it. This is also a rough version of a painting I want to do for an art show coming up in Sacramento in a month or so all about Bees. Expect more bee postings coming soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Viking Skull

I was working on a Consensual Tentacle comic the last night (or early this morning) and I came up with a design for Gilda's shirt and I really liked it so I made an Illustrator version of it just for fun. It's a viking skull. WITH A BEARD.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I only learned how to drive last October, and after I passed my driving test I sketched an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth style version of me driving a hot rod for my sketch blog.

Here is the final version that I created in Illustrator. A friend of mine recently contacted me about doing some Illustrator work and now I'm all gung ho about working with the program. This project was something that I have been wanting to work on for a while so I decided to just do it. I got this done in 16 hours or so. I haven't decided if I want to do more with the image, like shading. I want to do a little more with the background but right now I can't think of anything specific that would add to the piece.

Close up of my head. I based my head mostly off of Rat Fink, thus the bug eyes, tongue and drool.

Here is a detail shot of my Kappa Tattoo. I decided to show a detail of it because it turned out really cute which I hadn't really expected.

Detail shot of Laura riding on the back of my hot rod in a bikini with her parasol.

Detail shot of the snake tattoo that I designed for Laura's arm. She doesn't really have this tattoo but we've discussed the concept before.

Details shot of a Jellyfish tattoo I made up on Laura's leg. She doesn't really have this tattoo but she has talked about getting one like it for her mother.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ero's Character Drawing and Expression sheet sketch

Here is a digital painting of Ero and sketches for his expression sheet.

I started out coloring Ero, yellow/orange, I kinda liked it but when I started to think about how all the backgrounds were going to be browns, yellow, oranges, and reds I knew that the character would get lost so I changed his color back to green.

Here is Ero's expression sheet.
Left to right top level: Neutral, eye roll, glare, wince/strain, quizzical look
Left to right bottom: bored, happy, fear, sad, angry

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Single Cell Ero's House Concept Art

I have started to work on doing more backgrounds, even though I find characters more fun. I have sketched out about five different locations in the Single Cell universe and here is the first one that I worked on. This is a work in progress there will be more posts to follow concerning this piece in the future.

Here is the sketch of Ero's house. in the sketch you can see where I plan to place Ero and his father.

Here is the work in progress of Ero's House. I still need to add some kipple of the people who live in the houses as well as Ero, his Dad, and a couple of random village members. In the background you can see the spiritual pavilion where the religious ceremonies are held and where the shaman lives.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Single Cell

Way back in 2006 me and my friends in college came up with a concept for a short film that we gave the working title of Single Cell. The idea of the short film was that human civilization had ended and the single cell microbes evolved from our ashes. The story takes place where their evolution had reached a tribe level. For awhile now I have been working on compiling a concept art portfolio; Laura was looking at my old Single Cell designs and sketches and said that I had a lot of good stuff here and should try and use some of this for the aforementioned portfolio. I looked at it and I did have a lot of things going but I remembered a lot of the details about the world. Though looking at the old stuff I knew I could do better so I started working on it again. Here are a few paintings that I did for this project.

This is Ero, he is the main character a young boy who would rather play his flute then participate in his coming of age ceremony. He is reluctant to grow up and become a warrior/ hunter like his father.

Here is Ero making an expression, I figured that for the most part this would be a short film with little to no dialogue making the performances having to tell the story. I knew it would make for stronger animation and look better on all of our reels.

This is Ero's dad, who we never gave a name to (if any one has a suggestion I'm all ears). They live in a hunter and warrior society and Ero's father is a revered warrior, there is a blade hidden in his walking stick. Ero's father being a proud warrior wants his son to participate in the ceremony and doesn't really understand why his son isn't excited to become a man, so to speak.

This is a pen and ink drawing (that I started to paint, though I'm not a fan of the painting) of Ero meeting the Shaman (who also should have a better name or title) for the first time in the Shaman's hut.

There will be more of this world coming up. I have decided to to start posting it now to share and get feed back and get any one who remembers this to get excited about it again.