Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laura and Me (cute stuff)

I’m not really known for doing cute things and several of my past attempts have resulted in something more creepy than cute (like one of those dolls that looks like it would rip out your throat as apposed to just sitting there politely). I didn't really want to do cute things and I didn't exactly understand what makes something cute (I have a better grasp of it now, but understanding the aesthetic of cutesy things is still beyond my grasp). The only thing I knew about drawing cute things was that if you give small things really big eyes, they seem cute. I much prefer drawing things that bleed, get naked or are robots.

Then I met Laura and I felt like drawing barf enducingly cute pictures of the two of us.

This is the first sketch that I did of us as cute little versions of us. Also on this page is Laura as a mermaid, as a half human half millipede, and a pipe smoking yakuza.

I’ll show how I did one of them because they were all pretty much the same (which is pretty much the same way I do all of my drawings)

Here is the sketch from above that I blew up in Photo shop to be the size that I wanted to work in.

I went over the sketch in a new layer completing the picture by cleaning up and finishing some lines in order to make it easier to outline. I decided to get rid of the glasses because at the time they were still new and I didn't like them. I still don't really draw myself with glasses on; I don't really see myself that way despite the fact that I’ve been wearing them for almost a year.

Here are the outlines

Here is just the color

Here is the final version with shading, highlights, shadows , complete with a background.
When Laura and I got together she had a scarf that we some how lost in the course of moving from one room to another in our old apartment and I didn't have my beautimous beard.

A regular date with a Bone Room girl.
This is where I had grown my beard and sweet stash in (that’s what the yellow steak on my upper lip is; my moustache grows in blonde and looks like I have dirt on my lip) but Laura hadn't lost her scarf yet (or the sketch still had it so I didn't feel like changing it).

Tickle fight

Here is the one that I created for Christmas (DUH) with me as a young Santa (as my friend Pat had described me to Laura before she met me; she still finds the description fitting to this day) and Laura as a younger still Mrs. Claus.

I really enjoyed doing these and looking at them again makes me want to do more of them. I think that if I did them in Illustrator that they would turn out really nice and crisp and look even more barf enducingly cute.

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OutletTeam said...


These are very cute!! I didn't know you had it in you! :) I just sent your link to my friends Kath and Ang on the east coast so they could see you Pat memorial tattoo. It's cool to see your stuff! you really are amazing!!