Monday, April 7, 2008

Laura and NHN (Nearly Hairless Nick)

This is a picture of Laura that she asked me to do after she saw my Went For Coffee doodle that I did for work. She really liked the style and asked me to draw her like that, so I did! This picture is the debut of our new pet the hairless (nearly hairless) rat NHN, or Nearly Hairless Nick after the Harry Potter Character Nearly Headless Nick (the Griffendor Ghost).

This one was really straightforward; the whole idea behind that other drawing was tube arms and a manic looking face. So I used the same elements but with Laura holding NHN instead of coffee because her love for that rat almost rivals my love for Coffee… almost.

This is the Illustrator Outlines

Here is the Illustrator color

Here is the final version with the Photoshop shading and highlights.

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