Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MINE (How Eric Stole Laura and Visa Versa)

This is a series of sketches titled  "Mine!" They're pieces that feature me and Laura stealing one another exclaiming "MINE!" as the other exclaims "!" (in surprise, of course). In each piece one of us is a different kind of monster. 

 The last one i did was a Donkey Kong Spoof where Laura is the princess (yes I know fellow nerds,  in Donkey Kong the princess was not there but I wanted to make her the princess so I did) , me as Mario and Scotland as Donkey Kong (because when I had started this Laura had already left or was about to leave for Scotland). These are just sketches, most of which I plan to finish; one I have finished, one I'm working on, and I would like to add more to the series when I get the chance.

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That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

hahaha I love them all! Is the first one you as quazimoto? You guys sure are the possessive and role-playing type ;] AWESOME!