Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KOOOOONG!! (When Scotland Stole My Girlfriend)

This is a piece from the Mine series, though it doesn't fit in the series completely because niether of us are saying "MINE", we're both exclaiming "!" and neither of us are monsters. However, this one was done at the same time and in the same vein so I decided to include it.

This piece is a Donkey Kong Spoof where Laura is the princess (yes I know fellow nerds, in Donkey Kong the princess was not there but I wanted to make her the princess so I did) , me as Mario and Scotland as Donkey Kong (because when I had started this Laura had already left or was about to leave for Scotland)

The pencil Sketch

More sketching in Photoshop

Illustrator Out lines

Final Version

This was the first drawing I completed with Illustrator, and it turned out better then I had expected it... though I did take my sweet ass time finishing it.

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