Friday, June 25, 2010

Salvaged Orthos

A while ago, I posted that I was working on a short film with my good friend Ted Lister. This short is about two robots who have lived with each other too long, and one has grown quite tired of the other. He tries to get rid of him and finds that it isn't the bliss that he thought it would be until it's too late.
This week Ted and I finalized the designs for the characters!
He is the big man in charge when it comes to searching planets with his partner. He stores and scans organic and mineral samples. He is designed to be a problem solver; his AI expands and becomes more complex as he deals with problems. When he doesn't run into problems he gets bored and lethargic.

I'm going to try to model this guy. So far my learning curve seems pretty steep, I need to look for some tutorials to help me out a little. I lost all my thought processes for modeling, hopefully something clicks and I can do him justice.

He is designed to search for mineral and organic samples and bring them back to Big Red. He is excited to do his job and does it with fervor. He may have simple program, but he always does his job with gusto.
This robot is built to kill. His crash landing on Big Red and Little John's planet spells trouble.

Ted has started to model Kill-O-Byte and is doing an excellent job; I'm so stoked to work with it.

Summer Loving

I was trying to work out a pose for a pinup drawing I have been thinking about for a while. One of the doodles I did was this pose. I decided to make it a summer piece filled with beach fun and summer love. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cup Cake Girl

I felt like working on something different today; I had this doodle of a pinup pose sitting on my desk and thought it would look nice finished. I couldn't figure out what to have her sitting on though so I asked Laura and she gave me a series of suggestions that will probably appear future pinups as well as this one. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life Goal 3: Lose an Eye

For one reason or another I think Eye patches are really cool. I own 3 or 4 and I would wear them all the time if one it didn't look weird wearing glasses and an eye patch and two how much of a dork I would look like if some one saw I was just wearing it for fun. Though I might be able to get away with the eccentric artist angle. Regardless I feel i already have really poor depth perception and the loss of it would be minimal. Plus it would give me an excuse to get contact lenses or more a contact lens.
I would hope that there is an awesome story as to why I don't have an eye as well. Maybe traded it for mystical knowledge as my body was tied to the world tree and I am hung and stabbed or something like that. If there isn't one I'll make up 100 and tell every one a different story and then no one will be sure. Plus it would only make me look like a cool old guy like Indiana Jones.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Goal 2: Big in Japan

After watching the documentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil I knew what my second life goal was going to be, becoming big in Japan. Really I would be stoked to be big in any foreign country, but Japan in particular. Plus the Gozilla visual pun was too hard to pass up. I guess Goal number 3 needs to be breath fire or fight Mothra.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Magic Cat

I discovered the other day a book i wrote and illustrated when I was in Kindergarten called The Magic Cat. I believe it was for the young authors program, something that I hope they still do.
After reading it I want to redraw the who thing just for fun. But I felt it deserved it's own post.
Here it is in it's entirety I hope that you enjoy it.
The Magic Cat
Written and Illustrated by Eric Royal
A Master and a cat live in a cabin. They were friends.

The master didn't know that the cat had a magic coin.
So the cat went on journey to find the magic map. This gives magic.
The cate found a friend and his name was Gecko. They went to find the magic map.
The cat and Gecko found a one-eyed monster. They Knew that one-eyed monsters eat people.
They said "No, wait a minute. We'll get some food for you to eat."
They also found a new friend whose name was Mouse and said "Let's have war!"
They went on with the journey for the magic map and the magic house and the magic bat and the magic ring and the magic cloak.
They went to find the fire plant. Whoever touched it had fire power!
They had a new friend Megaman. They had to climb Glass Mountain.
They Climbed Glass Mountain and went in a cottage on top. They found all the magic things.
They sold some of the magic stuff to get rich.
About the kindergarten me.
Me in kindergarten.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

She Bags logo: Tea Cup Skull

Some of my lady friends have started a social club, where they drink tea, discuss books and talk about their alternative life styles and they have decided to name themselves the She Bags. The idea that they liked was one with a kind of sugar skull and a tea cup.
Skull and tea cup/ tea bag sketches
They liked the one on the upper right. Which wasn't really surprising because they had sent me some reference pictures on what they wanted and that one was the closest to the reference.

The skull and the Tea Cup.
I got rid of a lot of the filigree that I did in the sketch and replaced it with flowers, for some reason when ever i try to do filigree kinda stuff in illustrator it comes out looking very sloppy. I added flowers that were in a Kalocsa Embroidery style instead which I thought would work better. I haven't heard back from them yet. One lady said she loved it and then another said that there were too many flowers. I'm waiting on hearing what kinds of changes they want before I do anything else.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fear the Hungry Dead

I used the skull self portrait as my Facebook profile picture and my friend Tu-Anh asked if I planned to paint one of any of my friends. I hadn't really thought about it. But I usually make art about my friends so why not this too. Here is Tu-Anh wearing a tiny fez and eating, which I figured would help to identify the skull as her's. She is eating a marzipan pig.