Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sun Burn

After posting Drunk Stab I started working on another sketch from the same page that I really liked, that of a young girl who had been sitting in the sun too long. I have been wanting to do a sun tan lines piece all summer and now that the summer is over I got it done. Originally I was going to give her a bathing suit and then i realized you wouldn't be able to see the tan lines, so it had to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tattoo Style Gilda Head

While working on the new Face Book Fan Page profile picture for the 1 year CT celebration. I was looking at a lot of tattoo reference and sketching various pin up pictures of Gilda. One of the reference pictures that I found was a series of woman's heads and I sketched up Gilda in that style. San didn't like it for the profile picture, however she loved the sketch and we now both want to get it tattooed on us, as soon as we make enough money doing then comic to pay for it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gilda in a Beer

So for some time now San and I have been talking about updating the Consensual Tentacle Fan Page's profile picture; the one year anniversary and the 100th comic are coming up soon it seemed like a good time to update in celebration! The concept behind this piece was to make it look like an old school pinup tattoo. I loosely based this off of some Sailor Jerry flash, particularly the piece that has a woman sitting in a martini glass. We took that idea and decided to use a beer glass instead, much more Gilda Greene's style.

August's Jar Jar Butt Tattoo

So if you follow Consensual Tentacle or my face book art album this might not be new, however, I really love this drawing and felt remiss not adding it to my blog as well. And here I get to add some explanation, which I'm surprised no one else has asked for. This is a detailed shot of the tattoo on August's butt in if i say he is a burglar, a burglar he is. The back story behind the tattoo is that August made a bet with his best friend, and lost (what that bet was is another story), and the stakes involved getting a Jar Jar Binks Tattoo. Hence the text "always pay your debts." It's also fitting because it was the fact that Jar Jar owed Qui-Gon Jinn a life debt, which was he got tacked on to their whole journey and he was able to ruin the whole galaxy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Test Fail

So my dear friend Tu-Anh has a friend in the HR department of a social gaming company in Redwood city and they were looking for a new artist. They gave me a test.

I was to create a mammoth, a Wild Turkey, a Pagoda Kiosk, a Bumper Car Kiosk, and Animate a cat licking it's self, scratching it's self and drinking or eating out of a bowl. They gave me a week to do it but because I already had some things going on in my life, I had 2 and a half days.
The Mammoth
The Turkey
The Pagoda Kiosk
Bumper Car Kiosk
The cat animation.
Not my best, but I am rather rusty at 2d and using flash. Plus I didn't allow enough time for trouble shooting as I would have liked.

After Turning these in I heard back from the company in about an hour and a half, they said that I needed to " simplified to match the style we have ... "
As quickly as I could I tried to make them simpler and get them back to them.
By the next day I turned this in.

In the end they "decided to go a different direction."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drunk Stab Part 1

This is from when I was just doodling all night because I couldn't sleep or my computer had a virus. I don't really remember. Though I started drawing things in a kind of new style, really pushing the cartoony look. I came up with the guy running around with a knife and an open bottle of booze and it looks like his night isn't quite over yet.

I think next I will be working on the girl on the right, I have been want to do something with a sun burnt girl with really bad tan lines, I think it will look fun and sexy.
First I work with the default pen tool with the white fill and the black out line so that I can capture what the sketch looks like. I started blocking out shading on the jacket and on the boots.
The idea was to get rid of most of the outlines and just let the blocks of color make the image. I'm really happy with with where it is at. What I want to add is a little more shading, some little details like buttons and adding a background. This was really fun and I'm excited to work on it some more.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vear the Poet Warrior

Concept art for my Viking story, The Drunken Sagas: Monsterous Mead.

Vear the Poet Warrior

Vear was born in a small town in Norway at the same time as Eric, this lead to them believing that they're fates were intertwined and a desire to work together. Though before Vear found himself in the company of Eric, he had been a warrior in the Norwegian King’s personal guard. While in the employ of the King Vear became deft at the use of the broad sword and few were his match in the keep. Though Vear made one fatal mistake and fell in love with the Kings daughter, he would write her poems and slip them under her door. Vear was as apt a poet as he was a swordsman; there was an argument on who blessed him more, Braggi, the god of poets or Tyr, the sword god. The princess quickly swooned to at the advances of this highly regarded guard, they were in love, they were foolish, and they were caught. The King flew into a rage when he found out what had happen, he condemned Vear to death. On the spot he was knocked to his knees and one of his fellow guards drew their swords and raised it to strike. The Princess pleaded for her lover’s life to no avail. Vear asked for a simple request, recite a death poem. The King allowed the request and gave him but 10 minutes to compose it. He sat quietly for a moment and then began to recite. The court fell silent for a long time after he had finished. The King was moved; he decided to change his punishment from death to banishment. Vear was given 1 day to be out of the King’s keep and 3 months to be out of Norway or he would be hunted down and killed. Vear had contemplated for a time spending his three months with his lover and dying a warrior’s death. Though she would not hear it and one night drugged him and had him set on a ship to Sweden. He awoke at sea he was confused and angry, thinking he had been abducted, he started to lash out at the crew, he took out about five men with his bare hands before a tall berserker knocked him out. When he awoke once again, he was much calmer and tied to the mast of the ship. The Berserker sat next to him drinking ale out of a horn asking the former guard about himself. Vear was reluctant to talk to the berserker; they were known to be bad luck, though this one seemed different somehow and started to speak when his earlier thought turned out to be true and their ship was attacked by a sea serpent. Quick as lightning the serpent killed four of the oars men and had wrapped its body around the ship. The berserker turned to Vear and cut him loose, hoping that he would recognize the real threat as the serpent. He threw him a sword and grabbed his ax and hurled himself at the mouth of the serpent. At that moment Vear started to head over to where the Berserker was doing battle with the head of the serpent and instead jumped over the edge of the boat and began to use his sword to gut the monster. Even though his valiant effort had killed the monster the fact that he was still wearing his chain main was about to have him dragged into Ran’s net (Norse equivalent of going to Davey Jones locker). Though in the next moment he was saved by the berserker, who placed him back onto the ship with the aid of whom ever was left on the ship. Once Vear had been revived the Berserker said, “I guess that makes us even then huh?” they both laughed and The berserker got the ship under way and opened a cask of ale and they all started to drink. Over ale, Vear told the berserker of his past and of his plans to gain wealth and return to Norway as rich as a prince and get his princess back. The Berserker liked this man and decided to help him on his quest and thus began a long friendship.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pat the Irish

Concept art for my viking story, The Drunken Sagas: Monsterous Mead.
Pat the Irish

Pat was a hardheaded Irishmen who fought against the Viking occupation of Ireland. Armed only with his Burda club was woefully out number and thus was captured by a horde of Vikings and brought back to Norway as a thrall, which was the Viking slave class. He did not acclimate to being a thrall very well; he would pick fights, steal, and lie. How he survived the first few years was nothing short of a miracle. Through his time as a thrall he learned the Viking language and came to appreciate their country, in particular the ale he took to pilfering.

One day the village where he lived was being terrorized by a mad hill witch; his master gladly gave him to her in exchange for the her leaving the village alone.The hill witch quickly became infatuated with the young thrall; she placed glamour on herself to trick him into believing she was beautiful and desirable, and he quickly became infatuated with the hill witch and she made him her sex slave.

After Pat had lived with her for several years, the hill witch was approached by young nobleman one day about a warrior that he could not best. A few weeks before a young berserker and his companions came to his father’s drinking hall and challenged them to a contest of strength in exchange for draughts of ale. They were mighty and won many of their battles and quickly became hall favorite. No matter how the young nobleman tried he couldn’t beat the berserker so he needed help in order to regain his glory and his father’s respect. The hill witch agreed to help, though in exchange she wanted copious amounts of blood and gold.
The hill witch packed and small bag and she and Pat left the small cabin in the hills for the drinking hall down in plains by the fjords. Her scheme was simple, poison the young berserker before he fought with the nobleman. Before the fight she moved up to the young berserker she placed a vial of poison in his ale and encouraged him to drink it before the fight for good luck. He drank every last drop. The berserker fought the young nobleman and still he bested him. The young noble flew into a rage at the witch, and if it weren’t for Pat he surely would have killed her. The hill witch was bewildered; the poison should have killed anything that wasn’t a god or a frost giant. The witch had another plan, she knew the nobleman wouldn’t like it, but he would earn him the respect that he sought. She would place a glamour on Pat that would make him look like the nobleman and the next night he would fight the berserker and win. The nobleman protested but was convinced by the witch that it was the best course of action, he eventually agreed but only after she agreed to also place a glamour on him so that he could watch the contest as well, the witch hesitated, though when he offered more gold she agreed.

The next night Pat entered the hall disguised as the nobleman and quickly challenged the berserker to a fight. The witch quickly found a place next to the ring; she needed to focus on Pat or the glamour wouldn’t stand up to a beating, and the nobleman sat next to her to make sure that her man could beat the berserker. In the ring the two began their fight; they were matched blow for blow. The berserker was confused and surprised at the change in style that the nobleman fought that night, it was much more like his own and wild and unpredictable. Pat quickly gained the upper hand and knocked the berserker into the crowd around the ring. He hit the witch, who fell into the dagger that the noblemen had at her back in case she failed him. This did not kill the witch, as they are very difficult to kill it simply broke her concentration and every one lost their glamour including her. The witch grew crazy and flew into a blind rage, she froze the young nobleman and turned and attacked Pat. Realizing that the threat was no longer the nobleman but the witch, the berserker jumped up and took the brunt of the attack meant for Pat saving his life.

At that second Pat could see who the witch truly was and he was enraged that she had tricked him for so long. Pat flew into a rage and threw himself at the witch. Fighting her tooth and nale as she tried to cast her magic on him, her spells of ice and wind quickly started exploding out of her wildly and with no rhyme or reason. The berserker’s companions quickly ran into the ring to help fight the witch. One of the berserker’s companions threw a knife to Pat and he stabbed the witch, and she fell to the floor and shattered like glass. The glass hissed and crackled and a screaming specter exploded from the shards and flew away to the hills to the north, as witches are very hard to kill.

Pat was sitting in the rubble of the witch as the Berserker approached him with a large horn filled with ale, the berserker said, “I guess you won, so here is your prize.” They both laughed and shared the ale and became quick friends. Pat had nowhere else to go and found he enjoyed the company of the Berserker and his companions, so he decided to join them for more fights, women and ale.

I posted this today because this would have been Pat's Birthday, I think much like my portrait of my grandfather I will be doing a picture of Pat every year on this day.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Sip Self Portrait

So after working on the portraits of Vear and Tu-Anh with big puffy cheeks (well Vear technically had big droopy jowls) of course it wouldn't be long until I would make one of me, being the ego maniac that I am. I imagine I'm taking a big sip and some one is telling me something horrible and this is right before I do a spit take right in their face.