Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am the Dungeon Master (a work doddle)

My job recently moved to a new location and I received a whole room to myself complete with no windows, bad lighting and some exposed air ducts. I’m way in the back, out of the way, and the door can only be locked from the outside; in many ways it is similar to a prison. It was an old machine shop and sometimes smells of old chemicals, a co-worker of mine even said it smells like the chemicals that infected his kidneys. It’s a very bright and cheery place to say the least. As such, we’ve deemed it the Dungeon. And some co-workers decided to deem me the Dungeon Master. Now for some that might conjur up images of the medieval dungeon master, one who was in charge of prison and torture; a hard man with a difficult disposition. I on the other hand being nerd core decided it was more my style to be a D and D Dungeon Master, complete with purple wizard's hat and purple robe.

Here is the sketch that I started with and inked so that I had an easier time outlining it in Illustrator. This is a new technique that I picked up that I really like. Not inking it that is, but doing the digital outlines in Illustrator, which if I do something cartoony it is perfect because it gives me very smooth outlines that are all vector based and makes it so I can scale them and do what ever I want. I find outlining a sketch is doable, but it is far easier if I ink the sketch so I know which lines already work best with the drawing before I start messing with it digitally. I find that the more you do with your hands in the early stages, the easier the digital process is.

These are the outlines done in Illustrator

Here is the basic color, also doe in Illustrator

Here is the final version that I have hanging up on the door to my room. It was finished in photo shop by adding shading and highlights and a spiffy dungeon brick wall behind me.

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