Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tu-Anh the Small

Concept art for my viking story, The Drunken Sagas: Monsterous Mead.

Tu-Anh "The Small"
Tu-Anh is from Vietnam and yes she some how made it all the way to Scandinavia. Not much is known how she got from one place to another. Though the way I heard it she spent time hiding in cargo holds and in barrels. She went the long way over land, take that Marco Polo.
Tu-Anh met Eric first in a tavern in Constantinople, Eric had been there with Paul to become part of the Varangain, Eric was not really the service type, but Paul believed he could do really well so Eric came along for the ride. Eric quickly became bored watching Paul start a fight and show his prowess to the existing Varangain, Paul was easily mopping the floor with them and he wouldn't be needed as back up. Eric went looking for something to do and that meant a tavern. Eric found the Rogue Elephant Tavern where Tu-Anh happened to be that day. Eric started to drink and Tu-Anh thought she had found an easy mark for her favorite con, The Drinking Contest. They battled with booze, it was a mighty and spectacular battle. In the end it was a draw, they both passed out on the floor and they both woke up in a jail. They were locked in there for a week before Paul who had become a Varangain saw them locked in there. Paul decided friends over duty and decided to break them out. Once Paul broke Eric out Eric insisted that they bring Tu-Anh along as well because they had become friends and he had alot of respect for some one who could hold their liquor like he could. She agreed not knowing that they would be going to the frozen north.

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