Thursday, April 1, 2010

Luchador Mask 01

Ryan Cicak, a friend of a friend, is working on a web series about a super hero and he asked me for some art that has to do with masks to populate the walls of the set.

I love luchadors; they have a ridiculous mystique about them.Sso when a project about masks and super hero came up my first thought was to do a luchador mask. This is my first pass on this project, I missed the turn in point and I want to do something a little better if I'm going to turn it in late. I didn't really plan this one out when I started it so I think with more sketches and a little more planning I can make something much better. I need to think of better iconography to work with a luchador super hero.

I painted this this on a cigar box divider. My dad smokes cigars and has a lot of these; they are 7.5" by 7.5". I think they are a fun size and material to work with. I have another 10 or 15 of these so there will be more tiny paintings on cigar box dividers in the future.

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