Friday, April 16, 2010

Harold the Mythology Expert

Concept art for my viking story, The Drunken Sagas: Monsterous Mead.

Harold "The Mythology Expert"
Harold grew up in the same village as Eric and Paul, though he is many years older, in fact Harold had been in charge of watching them a couple of times. Which didn't always go well. Harold felt restless in the village and one night he decided to leave and try his fortune out in the world. On the road he met a man in a blue cloak and a wide brimmed hat, he asked Harold for a drink of water and a bit of food. Harold didn't have much on him but he gave the old man all that he had. The old man was impressed with his generosity and whispered secret words into Harold's ear and had him drink the dregs of his water pouch, filled with his back wash. After that day Harold was changed, he continued on his journey and at the next town he went to the temple of Odin and gave an offering and asked the priest if he could study under him. The priest allowed Harold to stay, Harold was there for a couple of years and left mysteriously. Harold continued on to study the gods and the worlds and moved around absorbing all the he could find and he started collecting books. Years later he ran into Eric and Paul again and asked if he could join them, he needed to go a viking and find something that he had yet to find in Scandinavia. Though after a couple of nights out drinking with Eric Harold kinda forgot his quest and became one of them.
In this world of gods and monsters some one needs to know what is going on, Harold is our viking expert in the strange and mythical. He is in your face and abrasive however, he is a good friend and has thrown himself in front of many swords for his crew members. Harold doesn't have just one weapon he like to dabble and try everything though he is not a master he is versatile and able to pick up almost any weapon and know how to use it. Harold loves to steal books and gets really pissed when he sees other vikings trying to burn books. Harold home almost rivals the Library in Alexandra with how many books he has stolen. Though a lot of those books are Bibles seeing as the vikings target monasteries, though Harold doesn't really care he just loves books.

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