Monday, April 12, 2010

Eric Berserker

Concept art for my viking story, The Drunken Sagas: Monsterous Mead.

Eric "Bloodaxe"
He is one of the main characters a Berserker based off of me (yes I am an ego maniac).
He wields two axes which he uses for both defense and for offense. He wears a bear skin as a cap and hat. While real beserkers would go into a battle nude, Eric walks around with out armor or a shirt.
He is a loyal character and would do anything for a friend, he is run by his emotions and his desires. This often leads Eric into trouble and into quick and rash decisions. However, he has a luck about him that makes people want to follow him.
He once had a spectacular mustache which was stolen by pixies to be used by their pixie king as a cape. He hates pixies.

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