Saturday, June 5, 2010

She Bags logo: Tea Cup Skull

Some of my lady friends have started a social club, where they drink tea, discuss books and talk about their alternative life styles and they have decided to name themselves the She Bags. The idea that they liked was one with a kind of sugar skull and a tea cup.
Skull and tea cup/ tea bag sketches
They liked the one on the upper right. Which wasn't really surprising because they had sent me some reference pictures on what they wanted and that one was the closest to the reference.

The skull and the Tea Cup.
I got rid of a lot of the filigree that I did in the sketch and replaced it with flowers, for some reason when ever i try to do filigree kinda stuff in illustrator it comes out looking very sloppy. I added flowers that were in a Kalocsa Embroidery style instead which I thought would work better. I haven't heard back from them yet. One lady said she loved it and then another said that there were too many flowers. I'm waiting on hearing what kinds of changes they want before I do anything else.

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Marlene said...

This is giving me ideas for underglaze paintings on pottery! Thanks :D