Friday, June 25, 2010

Salvaged Orthos

A while ago, I posted that I was working on a short film with my good friend Ted Lister. This short is about two robots who have lived with each other too long, and one has grown quite tired of the other. He tries to get rid of him and finds that it isn't the bliss that he thought it would be until it's too late.
This week Ted and I finalized the designs for the characters!
He is the big man in charge when it comes to searching planets with his partner. He stores and scans organic and mineral samples. He is designed to be a problem solver; his AI expands and becomes more complex as he deals with problems. When he doesn't run into problems he gets bored and lethargic.

I'm going to try to model this guy. So far my learning curve seems pretty steep, I need to look for some tutorials to help me out a little. I lost all my thought processes for modeling, hopefully something clicks and I can do him justice.

He is designed to search for mineral and organic samples and bring them back to Big Red. He is excited to do his job and does it with fervor. He may have simple program, but he always does his job with gusto.
This robot is built to kill. His crash landing on Big Red and Little John's planet spells trouble.

Ted has started to model Kill-O-Byte and is doing an excellent job; I'm so stoked to work with it.

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