Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Magic Cat

I discovered the other day a book i wrote and illustrated when I was in Kindergarten called The Magic Cat. I believe it was for the young authors program, something that I hope they still do.
After reading it I want to redraw the who thing just for fun. But I felt it deserved it's own post.
Here it is in it's entirety I hope that you enjoy it.
The Magic Cat
Written and Illustrated by Eric Royal
A Master and a cat live in a cabin. They were friends.

The master didn't know that the cat had a magic coin.
So the cat went on journey to find the magic map. This gives magic.
The cate found a friend and his name was Gecko. They went to find the magic map.
The cat and Gecko found a one-eyed monster. They Knew that one-eyed monsters eat people.
They said "No, wait a minute. We'll get some food for you to eat."
They also found a new friend whose name was Mouse and said "Let's have war!"
They went on with the journey for the magic map and the magic house and the magic bat and the magic ring and the magic cloak.
They went to find the fire plant. Whoever touched it had fire power!
They had a new friend Megaman. They had to climb Glass Mountain.
They Climbed Glass Mountain and went in a cottage on top. They found all the magic things.
They sold some of the magic stuff to get rich.
About the kindergarten me.
Me in kindergarten.

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