Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bust of Skull Face

Here is a doodle I did while I was watching Dexter (that show is amazing I can't wait until season 4 premiers in September).
Laura really liked the sketch of skeleton guy on the left and asked if I would finish it as well as do a piece of a woman who has the same kind of face paint (coming soon). I got the idea for the face paint from Dia De Los Muertos and Mardi Gras costumes. I have seen some witch doctors with the same face paint and who could forget the bad guys from Karate Kid, come on. I always thought it was an interesting aesthetic.

Here is the first version that I created where I outlined it, colored it and added some texture.

After drawing this I asked Laura what she thought of it. She said it felt incomplete and that it needed something, she suggested that I should maybe make it look like a sculpted bust. I liked the idea so I ran with it and came up with this. I added some details to the face, redid the shading and changed the background textures. This is the end result.

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