Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Truth About Atlas

I did this sketch for my daily sketch blog as part of my Moustache Monday series (all two of them). Being a big fan of moustaches and knowing their mighty power I decided that they could in fact hold up the world at the point of a handlebar moustache much in the way Atlas holds up the world in Greek mythology. So I drew what I knew to be the truth that Atlas did not hold the world up with his arms but instead at the point of his giant handle bar moustache.

I wanted to create this piece in Illustrator and make it look like a cut out.
I tried my hand at a technique illustrated in Steph Laberis’ blog, and am pleased with the outcome.

Here is the final version; I changed his eyes to make his face look stronger and I changed his nose to be read because I though it ,might be an interesting contrast and add some more color to his face.

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