Wednesday, August 26, 2009

James and Catey's Wedding Invite

Last week my friends Catey and James asked if I would create a wedding invitation for them with them fighting zombies. This meant an opportunity two work with two of my favourite subjects ; my friends, and zombies.

First I did a series of sketches for them. The only instructions Catey gave me was to have them in Las Vegas, where their wedding is being held, and to have them fighting zombies. James said to do something along the lines of Conan the Barbarian standing on top of his fallen enemies; Catey didn't know what he was talking about so she said to ignore him. I did the sketches that were based off of Conan and they felt rather sexist, so I did several other sketches where the couple was fighting zombies and they preferred them to the more Conan-esque designs.

Here is the sketch that they liked best. The only thing that they wanted different was to have their positions changed where james was in the back holding a shot gun and a machette and that Catey would have the chainsaw.

Here is the pencilled version that I drew on some bristol paper I cut down to fit in my scanner. I made sure to position them so that I had plenty of room for the all of the text elements.

Here is the inked version with blood spray.

This is the final version (I removed all the info on when and where and all that jazz). They are printing their wedding invites like flyers and they found out that it is the same price to have them either black and white or color, but they left it up to me if it was going to be colored. I decided to color it with mute tones and texture it digitally to make it look gritty and pleasantly post-apocalyptic.

Aside from the chain saw blade getting lost in the blood spatter, I'm really happy with how it turned out and most importantly, so were Catey and James. Congratulations you two – see you in Vegas!


Will Appledorn said...

Ooh, zombie killing!

nothing better to bring two people together :)

Nice stuff!

Ben Adams said...

Love the Dead Kennedy Zombie
"Anarchy Brain Burger!!!"