Monday, September 29, 2008

Samurai Tattoo Drawings PART I

I went to Maui back at the end of June with Laura and her family. Aside from the part where she tossed an entire pack of cards in my general direction after a game of BS, I’d say it was pretty amazing. While I was there her uncle Chris approached me about doing a drawing of a samurai for a tattoo he had been considering getting for some time. He wanted to get a samurai on his back and he was having trouble finding reference for what he wanted, so knowing that I was an artist he asked if I drew samurai. Now it might not be apparent from reading this blog, but I do love to draw samurai (vikings too, I will have to start posting more of them) so I was excited to work on this for him. Though without my numerous reference books and the glorious internet (all praise the giver of knowledge) I didn’t think I was quite prepared to start working on this right away, as I thought it needed to be slightly historically accurate because after all, I do love samurai and I respect the history. So in Maui I came up with a couple of rough sketches.

When we got back to the main land and good ole California I had the intention of creating a finalized version of the sketches I was working on in Hawaii using all of my samurai books and reference that I had at home. I eventually got around to making the drawing below.

Here is the inked version that I gave Chris. He liked it, but he wanted the samurai in a different position, so it's back to the drawing board, or more like my couch while I watch cartoons and draw some more samurais.

To be continued...

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