Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Viking Fighting an Octopus PART I (the sketch)

I have too many blogs in the pipeline at the moment because I keep waiting to finish things before I post them. I do it for you, so I don't post an idea and then abandon it once you started liking it and so you don't start hassling me to finish stuff (which at times I may need, but shhhhhhh - don't tell anyone…). So I have decided to start posting things in process, this will hopefully do one of three things; make it so I post more stuff, (because at the moment I wait until it is done and then take my sweet time to writing a blog about it), encourage me to finish some of the ideas I start and get some feed back on what I am doing while it is in progress and I can still change it. So feel free to tell me what you think (though note that I will feel free to ignore you if you aren’t being constructive with your criticism).

If you know me and I have to assume that most people looking at this actually do (sad), you know I have an obsession with Vikings. I just flat out think they are cool. I have read a several Viking history books, some works on their mythology and an Icelandic saga, and it’s still not enough. I’m always on the lookout for more reading materials when Vikings are concerned.

This is a sketch that I did based off of the idea that me and a couple my friends had to do an animation based off of us as Vikings. The idea came from me sketching all of my friends as Vikings and drawing us into little scenes, though unfortunately we have yet to start working on the animations. This is me as a berserker, fighting a giant octopus that has rather impolitely attached itself our hypothetical Viking boat.

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