Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mario Pumpkin Painting (PART I)

Last year I painted a portrait on a pumpkin and it sparked my new interest I have with acrylic painting. I like the idea of painting things on non traditional canvases and things that are temporary. It is also more fun to paint a pumpkin as apposed to gutting it and carving it, though I don't get any kick ass roasted pumpkin seeds so there is a trade off.

A while ago Laura and I went to the San Jose Art Museum to see a show about Robots (which had some great pieces but we both thought it wasn't laid out that well in the space the museum had). When we were there we went to the gift shop we found this book "I Am 8-Bit" (which Jason is borrowing at the moment, i wonder if he knows he still has it?) which was filled with fine art based off of old arcade and Nintendo games which Laura and I found to be really fascinating, and sparked an interest in me to create my own video game based art work.

So I painted Mario and a boo on the pumpkin figuring it seemed more Halloweeny then simply having Mario on the pumpkin alone.

If I can find the time i want to paint Princess Peach with a Boo looking up her skirt on the other side.

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