Sunday, September 12, 2010

Test Fail

So my dear friend Tu-Anh has a friend in the HR department of a social gaming company in Redwood city and they were looking for a new artist. They gave me a test.

I was to create a mammoth, a Wild Turkey, a Pagoda Kiosk, a Bumper Car Kiosk, and Animate a cat licking it's self, scratching it's self and drinking or eating out of a bowl. They gave me a week to do it but because I already had some things going on in my life, I had 2 and a half days.
The Mammoth
The Turkey
The Pagoda Kiosk
Bumper Car Kiosk
The cat animation.
Not my best, but I am rather rusty at 2d and using flash. Plus I didn't allow enough time for trouble shooting as I would have liked.

After Turning these in I heard back from the company in about an hour and a half, they said that I needed to " simplified to match the style we have ... "
As quickly as I could I tried to make them simpler and get them back to them.
By the next day I turned this in.

In the end they "decided to go a different direction."


Niroth said...

Oh snap, I'm doing this test right now!

Eric Royal said...

Crazy! I hope you get it! Learn from my mistakes.