Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drunk Stab Part 1

This is from when I was just doodling all night because I couldn't sleep or my computer had a virus. I don't really remember. Though I started drawing things in a kind of new style, really pushing the cartoony look. I came up with the guy running around with a knife and an open bottle of booze and it looks like his night isn't quite over yet.

I think next I will be working on the girl on the right, I have been want to do something with a sun burnt girl with really bad tan lines, I think it will look fun and sexy.
First I work with the default pen tool with the white fill and the black out line so that I can capture what the sketch looks like. I started blocking out shading on the jacket and on the boots.
The idea was to get rid of most of the outlines and just let the blocks of color make the image. I'm really happy with with where it is at. What I want to add is a little more shading, some little details like buttons and adding a background. This was really fun and I'm excited to work on it some more.

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