Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Single Cell

Way back in 2006 me and my friends in college came up with a concept for a short film that we gave the working title of Single Cell. The idea of the short film was that human civilization had ended and the single cell microbes evolved from our ashes. The story takes place where their evolution had reached a tribe level. For awhile now I have been working on compiling a concept art portfolio; Laura was looking at my old Single Cell designs and sketches and said that I had a lot of good stuff here and should try and use some of this for the aforementioned portfolio. I looked at it and I did have a lot of things going but I remembered a lot of the details about the world. Though looking at the old stuff I knew I could do better so I started working on it again. Here are a few paintings that I did for this project.

This is Ero, he is the main character a young boy who would rather play his flute then participate in his coming of age ceremony. He is reluctant to grow up and become a warrior/ hunter like his father.

Here is Ero making an expression, I figured that for the most part this would be a short film with little to no dialogue making the performances having to tell the story. I knew it would make for stronger animation and look better on all of our reels.

This is Ero's dad, who we never gave a name to (if any one has a suggestion I'm all ears). They live in a hunter and warrior society and Ero's father is a revered warrior, there is a blade hidden in his walking stick. Ero's father being a proud warrior wants his son to participate in the ceremony and doesn't really understand why his son isn't excited to become a man, so to speak.

This is a pen and ink drawing (that I started to paint, though I'm not a fan of the painting) of Ero meeting the Shaman (who also should have a better name or title) for the first time in the Shaman's hut.

There will be more of this world coming up. I have decided to to start posting it now to share and get feed back and get any one who remembers this to get excited about it again.

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