Monday, December 22, 2008

Art Jumble Submission 1 (Snow Monster)

I joined The Art Jumble, or more to say they finally let me join. I tried joining earlier in the year with this blog and never heard from them again, then I heard that a couple of my friends were on it and I thought, "hey I'm just as good these guys, they should let me join." So I submitted to join again using my sketch blog instead of this blog and they let me join (whoo hoo! Go trickery!) Now I hope to get one of these done every week, it will probably not turn out that way but I though the same thing about my sketch blog and I seem to be doing pretty good with that one so who knows.

If you don't know what The Art Jumble is then I will explain it is a blog where there is a theme each week and artists who are part of Art Jumble post art work based off of the theme. Pretty Simple.

Here is the first one
The theme was "Snow Monster"

Here is the sketch which I did for my sketch blog last week

Here is the final version that I created all in Photoshop.

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