Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auto Outfits

Here is something that I worked on that you can buy at

The product is accessories for your car to make them look like different holiday animals, such as a Christmas Reindeer, a Halloween Bat, and an Easter Bunny. These are called Auto Outfits and they are sold by AbsolutelyNew where i currently work. My friend Amaya, who was a graphic designer here at the time (she has moved on to bigger and better things at Sony now), absolutely hated the old package design for the Auto outfits, it looked poorly designed and had even worst execution. I forget if this was a project that Amaya got or if this was something we took upon our selves because we had extra time (I used to have a lot of that here at this job, not so much any more) but the packaging needed to be redesigned. So Amaya asked me if i wanted to help her redesign the packaging and i said yes. At first we were planning to do these big complicated illustrations for each design

Christmas Sketch

Halloween Sketch

Easter Sketch

AOF Halloween

AOF Easter

AOF Christmas

However, in the end the Retail guys didn't think that these overly illustrated ones would be the best direction for the product. So I asked (and insisted) that they at least let me change the car, because I didn't like the car. So I inked the Easter Car in Illustrator because they thought that the mini was a cute and slightly generic looking car. I then gave the mini all the different Auto Outfits and then Amaya placed them on to new back grounds and New Packaging was born.

Here are the links to the Auto Outfits that you can purchase online at amazon
Christmas Auto Outfit
Halloween Auto Outfit

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Amaya Lascano said...

Awwwwwww! I Mith you sirrrr. That was a fun project together even though they thought our original concept was too "radical" for retail. BOOO! Whatevs. I still honestly think that our "radical" package was actually something "wickedly cool and kitsch" enough to be an ironic design driven product (a la Blue Q)that could have sold. Oh wellz.