Friday, November 5, 2010

Steph in a Nom Nom bar

The last two weeks in Consensual Tentacle we have been doing a plot line where august is stuck in a video game dream world. I will be doing some more posts about that in the future, I really fell in love with the character WARGUT and I think a more polished Mother Brain pinup is in order. The whole time Laura has been writing this plot line the ending was going to be this image of Steph done like a Mel Ramos painting.
Steph is inside a Nom Nom bar, which we made up.
On her chest there is a Hanya, fu bats holding peaches, the imperial symbol on her arm, and a storm trooper pm her other side. I imagine on the other side she has the rebel symbol and a Chewbaca, kind of Fan boys style with a light and dark side.
A cross her stomach she has the word "GROOVY" from earthworm jim and the army of Darkness.

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