Monday, January 18, 2010

Jay Z as King Koopa

In late 2009 I was commissioned to do a picture of Jay Z as King Koopa by a friend of my brother's.

This one was simple enough, I just placed Jay Z's head on to King Koopa's body

With the second sketch I was going for more of a King Koopa and Jay Z fusion and I leaned on the Jay Z side. I think this turned into an awesome design for a hat and coat that I would love to own.

This one I tried more of a half and half (i.e. more human proportions on King Koopa and Jay Z's face) and it turned out to be the approach that I felt looked the best.

Here is a refinement of sketch number 3 with some sketches of Princess Peach and Beyonce as, which I played with for a while, though then it seems like Mario is trying to steal Jay Z's girl instead of vice versa and I couldn't play Mario like that. So instead I left it as Princess Peach but I made it seem like Princess Peach liked Jay Z Koopa better then Mario, which I felt worked for the piece.

Here is the final version on Paper Bag

This was a fun project I hope I get to work like this in the future.

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