Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chris "Stink Lines" Vear

This is Chris Vear, a good friend of mine who shares the same birthday as I do (the exact same day, same year, similar time) and in many ways is very similar to me. With the exception that he stinks. Seriously dude, take a shower.

Actually Chris doesn't stink (much) - this is an old joke from college that he decided to bring back with my link on his blog being Eric "Stink Lines" Royal, so I decided I would remind him who was the original stink lines. Him, he was!
This was one of my first attempts at adding layers of texture to the piece and Chris was a big help with helping me refine and improve the piece. Thanks dude.


Disco Vear said...

awww shucks, Eric. I wanna see your next one with textures tho .

That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

JUST MARVELOUS! You've captured is stink lines perfectly!