Saturday, November 3, 2007

My first Blog

Here is the beginning of my art blog. These blogs will be chocked full of sketches as well as finished art. You can bet that not much will happen with most of the sketches I intend to post, but fear not! Enough will be finished that it will be all be ok. If you are wondering what gives me any right to have an art blog, just keep visiting and you shall see. And if you’re looking for some informal credentials then here goes; I have been and avid drawer since the age of four, and just recently graduated from the Art Institute of California, San Francisco, with a degree in Media arts and Animation in December of 2006.

From what I am about to post it will become painfully obvious (though I will state it now), that I like Vikings, zombies, and the weird and horrific. I enjoy drawing my friends, and drawing them as I see them, which usually results in something more fantastic than what a lay person might see at a glance.

I’m fond of a variety of mediums, from simple pencil sketches, to pen and ink, to watercolor as well as gouache. I have just recently started to dabble with acrylic paint, and I also use a variety of digital media including Photo Shop, Illustrator, and Maya. One of the purposes of this blog is to document my process in the variety of mediums I engage in, while chronicling stages of specific pieces, for both my readers and myself. And in that light,

Let the postings begin!

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