Saturday, November 3, 2007

I graduated! (last year)

Here is the announcement card that I created last year to inform family and friends that I had finished college. The idea behind the card was to take what little I knew about the movie The Graduate (at that point I had not seen it, I have since and think that it is an amazing movie) and to do a spoof of it.

Sketch 01

This sketch was based off of what I thought the movie posters were before I actually did some research and saw an actual poster.

sketch 02

(Based off of the movie posters I researched)

I asked friends as well as my Mom which to use. My mom said the second one. And every one else said the first because it was funnier, so naturally I chose the first one.

(The out line for the drawing that I did in Photo Shop)

(The colored version)

And the final version that I e-mailed to everyone

Here is the version that my mom sent to family and relatives, as I did not have time to produce a PG version what with graduating and all.

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always said...

As always I love your artwork
and I love your stories