Saturday, July 28, 2012

[P5] Creative - Ghost World: Enid Pinup

I have become a participating member of a group called [P5] Creative with a bunch of my friends from Art College. I will be filling in the Thursday slot on the roster so that we can hopefully post art every day. please stop by and follow the blog. Seeing as this is the first one I will do a double post but in the future I would like to try and make it so that the things I post on [P5] Creative are only there.

I'm currently a part of a comic book club with several other members of P5; every month we read a comic/graphic novel, get together and discuss it, and those of us who are artists make fan art. For my first post on [P5] Creative I posted the  fan art I did for our July book, Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. I ended up drawing the main character Enid in a pinup pose from the scene where she and Becky were talking on the phone  about going into the Adam II's Sex Shop.

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