Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Modest Proposal

Last week the greatest thing happened.
Last week I got some good news at work so  Laura and I went out for dinner at the local sushi restaurant. Over dinner we talked about how happy were were that moment and about our plans for the future. I decided it was the perfect moment to pop the question. So, I asked Laura if she would marry me (something that I had been planing to do with more grandeur later in the year). She said "YES!"

I didn't have a ring so I grabbed one of the edamame bean pods that we had been eating and wrapped it around her finger like an engagement ring. It was a magical moment and we are very happy. 
Don't worry the real ring is coming later in the month, so I can I get to propose again, next time less spontaneously.

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Unknown said...

Love the picture.Love the proposal. Congratulations.