Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giant's Head

I dislike selling paintings, they feel like they need to be something more then what my hands can make. However they needed work for the auction and I think I usually am underwhelmed by what I make because I see what it is not instead of what it is. Though I am excited for a severed Giants Head to be in a silent auctio0n at Arts Benicia. Usually the show is filled with flowers, landscapes and abstract pieces, so I am interested to see if any one makes a bid on my strange piece.
The origin of this piece had to do with a threadless design competition for Adventure Time I was drawing Finn the human slaying a giant and I drew a few really cool severed giant's heads. It was really fun I kinda want to do some more and really develop something here.

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Mister-Charles-Lister said...

dude nice, thats probably the 1 thing I would buy if i were there. hahaha... adventuraaa timurasaku. good show.