Friday, July 29, 2011

Only One EP

My best friend in Kindergarten John Yuen approached me about doing a project with him. He wanted an album cover for the rapper Only One self titled album. I was more then happy to take up the project, I really enjoy getting to do album art and working with other creative people.
I started by making a logo for John in Illustrator he wanted the logo to look similar to the Alfred E. Newmen style logo from the Soundpeople Music, except he wanted it to look like him. I really like getting to make logos and working in Illustrator though the really cool part is he will probably keep using it and I think he has talked about making shirts with the design on it and I am a total sucker for that.Single
I probably should have posted this a couple of months ago when it came out but here is the single for the album. But it didn't really show off too many of my skills beyond some graphic design, figured it would be best to just wait until everything was going out.
The back cover was a bit of a bastard for me. I had to make some revisions on it later and I had lost all of the original work files, my old computer died and then my back up hard drive fell off a table and doesn't work. So I had to take an old Jpeg and do some edits on the back titles. This led to me having to erase some of the back bridge, which turned out to look kinda cool so not the worst revision. Though it was just frustrating having to deal with the memory of all my lost data.
Check out the promotional video for Duet.
You can get the album here.

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