Sunday, December 26, 2010


At the opening for the small works show at Arts Benicia, where I had a couple of paintings for sale, one of the board members approached me about making a Christmas ornament for her stepson. She bought the one that I made last year and it was a big hit. This year I was asked to make it War Hammer themed. Now I am not supper into war hammer but I used to love going to the War Hammer store in the Metreon way back when, and looking at all of the models. It also just so happened that when I went into Comic Relief in Berkley that in their 50 cent comic bin I found a War Hammer 40,000 comic, where most of my reference for the piece came from. My quick internet search confirmed this so I went ahead and made it based off of War Hammer 40,000 hope that was what he likes.

On the bottom I put one of the Space Marine symbols, a skull with wings in gold!
I actually forgot to take snapshots when it was actually done. These were the most finished progress shots that I took. I added silhouetted warriors in the back ground to make it feel more epic. The pictures don't show it well, but between the emblem and the picture on top there is a silhouetted pile of corpses that they fight on.
This was a lot of fun I can't wait to make more next year, maybe some more for planning and I can get more then one done in a season.

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