Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where Stars are Born

This piece was born out of an argument over how awesome my beard is.
Laura and I were at the Bee Show earlier this year, where I exhibited a painting of skull with a bee beard called The Skull and the Bees where I had decided to hang out to discuss my piece. Being shy I instead sat on a stone wall and started sketching, and I soon sketched a self portrait where I was a skull with a beard much like the piece I posted earlier this year. Laura pointed out that the beard I drew was way too long and that my beard wasn't that "Awesome". WHAT!?! So in response I made a doodle of how awesome my beard really is, since you know, it gives birth to stars. Yes, it is that awesome.
This was meant to just be another little joke self portrait for fun that I did because I wanted to do another piece in illustrator. But Laura and I have been talking about updating my website so we took this illustration and made my new under construction page as a place holder of sorts until I can get my new website up!

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Marlene said...

That is awesome!