Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paper Bag Yokai

I have fallen in love with the Japanese demons known as Yokai; they are so different and strange and have interesting back stories and modes of attack, they demand to be drawn. Here are a few that I drew on paper bags.

Here is Rokuro Kubi, this is the Snake-Necked Rokuro Kubi, who by day is a normal woman but at night her head leaves the room with her long neck and hunts for grubs or human vitality of Qi.

Here is Tofu Kozo, which means Tofu Boy. He temps people to eat the tofu and some times it kills them, some times it does nothing.

Here is my favorite, Azuki Arai;, he is a strange Yokai who lives in canyons in high mountains. Azuki Arai is the Bean Washer, he sings a song while he washes his beans.
"Wash me beans, or catch me a human to eat ... Shoki-Shoki! Shoki-Shoki!"
This song confuses passers by and makes them get lost and at times has been know to make them lose their balance and fall their deaths in their attempts to catch a glimpse of this Yoaki.

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Seafoodpunch said...

I dont know why...but "shoki shoki shoki" gives me chills. Also, a friend of mine has a phobia when it comes to beans. I Swear to god...I'm not making this up. I even wrote a little story about him...he hasnt overcome his fear yet..but thankfully PICTURES of beans are ok...the actual thing, though...oh god...awesome stuff!