Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Brother the Chef (Alex Graduates Culinary School)

My little brother Alex is graduating from culinary school soon and to commemorate the event my dad asked to me to draw a portrait of him as a chef.

Congratulations Alex i hope that you do well in the kitchen.

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Steve said...


Your drawing of Alex in his chef clothes is great. I'm happy that you are such a good artist and that your brother is now able to cook good food all the time and get a good gig in the kitchen.

How are you doing now?

I am playing in about 15 bands here in Austin where the temperature is in the high 90's everyday now. I substitute in aprox 8 bands so that makes 7 bands where I am the drummer all the time. I'm trying to get on unemployment and disability so I can recover from hepatitis C. I start taking the interferon (kemotherapy) July 5th or so. I want to keep playing in the bands while on the interferon.

I hope you are doing fine. Please let me know what you have been doing lately.


Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve